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Businesses are realising the importance of improved relationship with IT, to respond to the continuously changing market. Hot Desk’s consulting services helps to achieve business outcomes by transforming processes and technology infrastructure. We achieve this by providing strategy, process, architecture and performance services.

IT Strategy

Our IT Strategy practice helps our client to ensure business and IT priority are aligned and current investment is optimised. IT strategy practice has the following five types of engagements:

  1. Shared services: In most organisations the same IT services get utilised by multiple business units. Organisation needs a value based operating model to ensure IT provides best possible services that is shared by multiple business by the organisation.
  2. Cloud: The cloud is the future of most ICT systems. We access the cloud adoption of current IT applications and infrastructure and provide cloud strategy.
  3. IT skills: IT skills needs are ever changing. We assess organisation talent with the business needs and provide strategy to improve individual performance to create a better value for the organisation.
  4. Risk and portfolio: A Hot Desk consultant ensures the investment in IT systems will achieve the business outcomes. The investment prioritisation is aligned with short-term and long-term business goals.
  5. Performance metrics: Hot Desk maps organisation goals to IT goals and create strategy to ensure IT performance management will meet the business outcomes.


Hot Desk’s architecture practice helps our clients to respond faster by ensuring they are ahead of disruptive changes in their environment. Architecture practice has the following two types of engagements:

Business architecture:
Hot Desk provides advice on creating competitive advantages to help define the potential business transformation. Our consultants will combine business and IT to provide the best possible business outcomes. This service typically provides the following outcomes:

  1. Holistic analyses of business organisation, operations, governance and processes;
  2. Work with the business to define end-state and how to get to there. This typically involves a roadmap which includes the interim state.
  3. Value proposition to achieve the end-state. This typically involves a cost-benefit report;

Technology Architecture:
Hot Desk will work with our client to define, plan, measure and manage the technical architecture services that underpin the delivery of technology services. This service typically provides the following outcomes:

  1. Architecture blueprint that details stakeholder, current technology state and future technology state that is aligned to the business strategy.
  2. Application portfolio transformation details the current application portfolio for each business or technology groups, risks and value proposition for the transformation.

Business Process

In today’s changing world, the key challenges are continuous improvement and complex business processes. We help our client step-change without massive organisation change process by simplifying, digitising or changing the business process. We do this through the following five areas:

Process Modelling

Hot Desk offers BMP services to precisely and effectively define, integrate, and retrieve data from both internal applications and external communications. We provide how your business content is integrated in your applications, as well as how it is passed along from one business process to the next.

The process modelling allows us to analyse the overall process. The analysis often is the beginning of simplification or digitisation.

Business analysis and change impact analysis

Business process changes often requires ITC change as quickly as possible with minimal impact to the business.

Hot Desk provides a service, where process design experts analyse the business process changes and determine the change impact on the business. This allows the business to make an informed decision to when and how to implement the change.


Complex work processes result in low productivity and increased potential for mistakes. We work with our client to simplify and streamline the process. This results in productivity gain and increased accuracy of the process.

Hot Desk provides the following outcomes:
  • Current business process analyses;
  • Improvements required to make the process efficient;
  • How to go about achieving the simplified process.


Not all business processes are digitised. Most business processes require manual intervention. Hot Desk works with the client to put digitisation in place to ensure all the processes are digitised and therefore efficient. In most cases clients will see a sharp increase in productivity.

We typically provide the following outcomes:
  • Analysis of current business process and identify manual intervention;
  • Provide strategy to digitise the manual part of the process;


Business needs are ever changing in the current business climate. There is a continuous requirement to change processes to meet these needs. Hot Desk works with the client to provide strategy so business can make step-changes to ensure a big transformation is avoided. We typically provide the following out comes:

  1. Current state of business process:
  2. End state of business process;
  3. Strategy to change business process in small increments.


Hot Desk’s integration services are designed to enable our client to attain business maturity for integration between enterprise applications (HR, CRM, Payroll, Finance, etc.), partners (customers, suppliers, marketplace, etc.) and people (employees, external users, citizens etc.)

Our integration services go across Enterprise Service Bus, Business Process Integration, multi organisational work flows, business to business complimented with the service oriented approach.

Integration service practice focuses on the following business values:
• Simplify enterprise integration, which is usually created by multiple heterogeneous environments and systems;
• Lower time to market in ever changing business values;
• Ensure the integration has direct link to business goals;
• Continuous business process improvements through better real-time visible and control of the business process.

Business Intelligence

We provide consulting and development services to help our clients define evidence based strategy. We deliver and manage data warehousing, business analytics and reporting applications that provide direct business benefits.

Our customer receives the following business values:

  • Strategic direction;
  • Alignment of the business with the changing market condition;
  • Base-lined, benchmarked and measured business performance;
  • Identification of business issues early in the cycle;
  • Discovery and management of knowledge for use as feedback for the prediction of performance with a high degree of certainty.

ICT Security

Security is a key part of all of our client’s daily business. We provide the following services:

Enterprise vulnerability management

Continual expansion of the enterprise IT infrastructure and the ever changing security threat landscape has resulted in new methods of cyber-attacks with increased frequency and severity. We help our clients adopt and implement an effective vulnerability management program to safeguard information systems from breaches and theft. Following are the key benefits:

  • Identify and remediate vulnerability, before they are exploited;
  • Detect attack paths to facilitate regular scans, and secure application against flaws in business logic;
  • Reduce vulnerability exposure;
  • Lower the total cost of ownership of our client’s vulnerability.

Standard based risk assessments

Security risk exist in every organisation. We assess the risk by applying standards such as ISO, NZISM, PCI to name a few. We provide a report for the Chief Information Security Officer detailing how the security is assessed against the chosen standard. This has the following benefits:

  • Baseline maturity against the chosen standards;
  • Clear visibility of risks;
  • Clear visibility of things that are working against the perceived risk.

Software Development

There are times the software that suits customer’s specific needs is simply not available or the software is not sufficient or flexible enough for our clients. Hot Desk builds custom-build software to the client’s specification. This service line comprises of following:


DevOps is the latest trend in the software development area where the development and operation support happens from a same team. We typically provide readiness assessment, roadmapping, transformation, management and DevOps process consulting.

Application Management and Maintenance

Hot Desk’s application maintenance services helps our client to get the best out of their existing IT applications. The services span maintainability analysis, maintenance, enhancements and version upgrades. Our consultants provide paths to ensure that the applications are evolved with our client’s business, reduced system downtime, and helps our client to focus on strategic initiatives by minimising the time spent on routine activities.

Application Modernisation

Our application modernisation services help modernise legacy systems to enhance agility, flexibility, total cost of ownership with minimised disruption. We enable our client to address issues in the legacy system such as heterogeneous environment, high cost of maintenance, unsupported applications, and shrinking expertise in the legacy systems. We provide a metrics-based framework to help our client choose from different modern methods which includes web enabling, re-engineering, re-hosting and enhancements.

Performance and enhancement

As the application and systems are enhanced and maintained over a period of time, performance management is a key part of the application management. This service ensures that the systems and code is optimised to the highest level possible to ensure the best value can be achieved for a long period of time.

We provide the following services:

  • Application code enhancement and optimisation;
  • Architecture and design assessment and optimisation capacity planning;
  • Data model refactoring and database performance;
  • Infrastructure optimisation;
  • Performance feasibility analysis, modelling and benchmarking.

Network Management

We offer Network Management services into people, process and technology. These are key pillars of our service offerings and very well matured. We ensure seamless transition, implementation and management by adopting ITIL process framework.


We have access to many certified and trained staff in the network monitoring and management area, who are L1, L2 and L3 skilled. We value our staff. They are a key asset to our solution and organisation. Our resources are also skilled to operate in legacy devices environment, and they can monitor the non-compatible devices manually. We can offer onsite / offshore support – whichever is best fit for the required services. We offer uninterrupted people services to our customers. We develop our team with cross training and maintain the continuity.


Our professional services team is highly skilled and experienced in ITIL framework implementation. Our team works closely with our customer to implement the required ITIL process and the NOC as per best industry practice. We also help our customer to define and agree the required SLAs and KPIs in a 24×7 or customer specific support environment.


Our highly scalable technology solution ensures the best data centre practices. This solution can support more unlimited network devices as per the requirement of our customer. We have access to a wide range knowledge based on network monitoring and management services, which covers almost all breeds of network devices. Maintaining security is an integral part of our solution, we implement the security controls to align with customer’s information security policy. We also train our staff to operate security in their day-to-day operations.

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