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Recruitment from 27 million ICT candidates in over 16 countries ready to step up to your business challenges.

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More than just recruitment.

Our aim is to make our client’s working life easier by providing not only IT products and services, but more importantly, recruitment of the people who support and deliver those solutions. By choosing to work with Hot Desk, you are choosing to work with hand picked ICT professionals from 16 countries throughout the world. This means world-class solutions with world-class people to ensure your business goals and requirements are met hassle free.

What makes us special?

We hand-pick the world’s finest, and bring them to New Zealand using our specialised recruitment techniques. Once here, they are inducted in to the Kiwi culture, assisted in their immigration and given buddies who help your new ICT specialist settle in with as little stress as possible. A continual follow up process creates a settling feeling, ensuring that all focus is on the job rather than the move.

ICT Candidates
27 Million
Over 30 International Partners
World reach
16 Countries

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Against challenging timeframes, HotDesk provided a rich source of high calibre candidates that were motivated to move quickly and managed the selection process extremely well. In under two weeks, we were able to identify over twenty options for some niche BI roles that had excellent technical credentials, good communications skills and previous international experience.John Coventry, Optimation

Hot Desk Candidate Selection Process

  • Connector.

    1. Identify Business Requirements

    Identification of technical requirements and the industry specific experience needed

  • Connector.

    2. Pre Screening

    Two interviews focusing on experience, the english language and technical expertise

  • Connector.

    3. Client Interview

    We send short listed candidates to the client. The client undertakes a skype interview.

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    4. Preferred Candidate

    Reference checks, kiwi cultural orientation and induction takes place

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    5. After Arrival

    Induction, buddy assignment and regular catch-ups.

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Auckland Office

(64 9) 600 1016
L31, Vero Centre,
48 Shortland Street,
Auckland 1010, NZ

Wellington Office

(64 4) 260 0048
L5, 166 Featherston Street
Wellington 6011, NZ

Christchurch Office

Harvard Hub,
Wigram Business Park,
1 Stark Drive,
Wigram 8042

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